putting the "u" in segal-gould

automator, technologist, digital humanist, and developer

My name is Noah Segal-Gould.

I'm an RPA Developer (Consultant) at UiPath and also an alumnus of Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York. I majored in Computer Science and had a concentration in Experimental Humanities. I like to automate and scrape the web, and I'm interested in natural language processing, databending, glitch art, 3D animation, and computer-aided design.

I have another website which is in its current and fourth iteration. I'm aiming to move away from it and start using this one instead. It is meant to serve as a record of my projects that may or may not already exist on GitHub. I am not currently seeking new employment opportunities, but feel free to read up and reach out if you think I can help you with something.